Reference for RimuHosting's Data Structures (as used in our REST-ful APIs)

Name: GetOrdersResponse

The orders matching the specified order filter.

XML Example:
  zero or N[<about_orders>AboutOrder</about_orders>]
  zero or N[<extended_error_infos>IErrorInfo</extended_error_infos>]
  <response_display_duration_type>SHORT | REGULAR | PERMANENT</response_display_duration_type>
  <response_type>OK | ERROR</response_type>
JSON Example:
   "about_orders": [AboutOrder],
   "error_info": IErrorInfo,
   "extended_error_infos": [IErrorInfo],
   "human_readable_message": String,
   "order_filter": OrderFilter,
   "redirect_uri": String,
   "response_display_duration_type": 'SHORT' | 'REGULAR' | 'PERMANENT',
   "response_type": 'OK' | 'ERROR',
   "status_code": Number,
   "status_message": String,

NameTypeRequiredNillableDefault ValueDescription
about_orderszero or N[AboutOrder]falsefalseAn array of the orders.  Can include dedicated servers as well as VPSs.  So be sure to set the filter to just active VPSs if that is what you need.
error_infoIErrorInfofalsefalseIf the response type is an error, then this can contain more information about the error.
extended_error_infoszero or N[IErrorInfo]falsefalsee.g.
human_readable_messagexsd:stringfalsefalseA message summarizing the request result.
order_filterOrderFilterfalsefalseThe filter that was applied to get the order list.
redirect_urixsd:stringfalsefalseA suggestion from the server about which URI to go to after this request.
response_display_duration_typeSHORT | REGULAR | PERMANENTfalsefalseAn indicator for a UI about how long to display a message.
response_typeOK | ERRORfalsefalseWhether the response is an AOK or error response.
status_codexsd:intfalsefalseMay the status code be for ever 2xx.
status_messagexsd:stringfalsefalseThe status message (should match the status code).