RimuHosting's REST-ful Resources Reference

Path: / r

billing-methodsA listing of billing methods (like individual credit cards, or method types like paypal or wire transfer) on the user's account.
distributionsThe file systems/distros that we are offering on our current server setups.  We have some other, older distros) available as well, but only 'decent' 'recent' options will show up here.
ordersA filterable listing of server orders.  Includes VPSs and Dedicated servers; canceled and active servers.  You can use matrix params to filter the results.  For example, use /orders;include_inactive=N;server_type=PHYSICAL.
pricing-plansA listing of pricing plans.  For VPSs you will need: /pricing-plans;server-type=VPS You can specify other filters.  e.g.