RimuHosting's REST-ful Resources Reference

GET/r/billing-methodsA listing of billing methods (like individual credit cards, or method types like paypal or wire transfer) on the user's account.
GET/r/distributionsThe file systems/distros that we are offering on our current server setups.  We have some other, older distros) available as well, but only 'decent' 'recent' options will show up here.
GET/r/ordersA filterable listing of server orders.  Includes VPSs and Dedicated servers; canceled and active servers.  You can use matrix params to filter the results.  For example, use /orders;include_inactive=N;server_type=PHYSICAL.
POST/r/orders/new-vpsSetup a new order and instantiate the VPS.
GET/r/orders/order-{order-oid}-{domain}Information about a server order.
PUT/r/orders/order-{order-oid}-{domain}/cancelledCancel a server (dedicated or VPS).  No un-cancel (except by contacting RimuHosting support) just yet.  Does not shutdown the server.  Rather it sets the cancel date at the end of the current billing period.  Note that there is no corresponding 'DELETE' method to un-cancel a server.  For now.
GET/r/orders/order-{order-oid}-{domain}/vpsVPS stats (like current kernel name, whether console logins are enabled, whether backups are currently running , when the next backup will run, vps uptime, and VPS seconds used).  It also returns host server info.  e.g.
DELETE/r/orders/order-{order-oid}-{domain}/vpsDo a shutdown and deletion of the server.  Cancel the order.  Issue a credit for any unused time.  We will typically have access to the file system for a 'short' amount of time after the deletion.  If you accidentally delete a server, or later change your mind, please contact support as soon as possible and we can often restore it to its original state. 
GET/r/orders/order-{order-oid}-{domain}/vps/data-transfer-usageVPS data transfer usage.  (Also happens to include a few other VPS stats).  The data transfer usage currently takes a few seconds longer than the regular VPS status.  So we split this data out so you only take the response time hit when you actually need the information.
PUT/r/orders/order-{order-oid}-{domain}/vps/host-serverChange a VPS's host server.  If the VPS is running it will move the VPS (may result in an IP address change).  Moves typically take 5-10 minutes per GB of used file system space on the VPS.
PUT/r/orders/order-{order-oid}-{domain}/vps/parametersChange a VPS's resources like memory or disk size.  Will force a VPS restart.  And will update billing.
PUT/r/orders/order-{order-oid}-{domain}/vps/reinstallReinstall a VPS.
PUT/r/orders/order-{order-oid}-{domain}/vps/running-stateChange the running state to reboot a VPS.  For example, set it to 'RUNNING' if you want to start a stopped VPS (else does nothing).  e.g.
GET/r/pricing-plansA listing of pricing plans.  For VPSs you will need: /pricing-plans;server-type=VPS You can specify other filters.  e.g.